Membership to the Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce is open to all businesses and individuals with an interest in the Boonslick Region. Chamber membership is one of the best values for your business or organization. Your membership is an investment to access and use a variety of services and programs offered to members only with new services being introduced regularly.

A Chamber’s strength is dependent on its members. We encourage all employees and members of a group, not just managers or leaders, to participate and to contribute. You’ll meet other members who share a commitment and passion for improving the quality of life in our area.

Membership is significant to the success of the Chamber to help ensure a healthy, progressive business environment for our community. We welcome you to become a part of a dynamic group of community professionals.

To join the Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce, please fill out and submit the application.

The Chamber Matters: Research has been conducted to determine the value to a

business for being an active Chamber member


The Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit membership organization. The Chamber is a long-standing promoter of our region and, many times, works quietly in the background protecting and enhancing our quality of life. As a professional business group, a Chamber membership encourages networking, volunteerism and partnerships. The actions and the intentions of the Chamber benefit all of our area communities.

An active Chamber of Commerce takes work and commitment from not only our Chamber members, but also from our community. Active membership in the Chamber gives your business important exposure through networking, marketing opportunities, and referrals. You can establish personal and professional contacts and gain credibility and a presence in our community through a Chamber membership.

The Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce is funded exclusively by membership investments, and requires the support of as many businesses, organizations and individuals as possible to continue its efforts.

The Chamber is an energetic collection of business and community leaders dedicated to improving the quality of life in our area. Our members share a commitment for maintaining our community’s unique character and building on our economic strength.

The Chamber Matters
Read, and hear, all about us! The Chamber has much to claim—from our own work in progress, to our member’s announcements, and our community’s advancements. We use a variety of methods to publicize what is occurring in the Boonslick Region. We encourage Chamber members to submit their information to the Chamber office. We can post announcements in our office, on our calendar and Facebook page, other social media posts, send emails, mention on our Chamber Chat radio spot on KWRT, place announcements in the Boonville Daily News, and let our walk-in visitors know what is happening. We have a members only portal on our website where members can find Chamber-specific information to keep “in the know”.

The Chamber produces a community profile guide that is used as the primary informational piece that we mail and hand out to newcomers and visitors. We also print a city and county map. Ad space in both publications is for Chamber members only. On our web site, we have community deals, job ads and market place links where members can post notices and coupons. Our Chamber events provide numerous opportunities for business exposure. Members can be sponsors of our events and be added to our programs, advertisements, signage and other materials, and receive reduced rates for vendor fees. We offer business directory listings in our community guide and on our web site with links. The Chamber has a bulk mail permit that Chamber members can use for their own mailings. We have a brochure rack where members can place informational or promotional material.

The Chamber organizes business strengthening workshops and seminars that include topics such as finance, customer service, entrepreneurship, social media, and more. We make announcements and place notices for other organizations that can help our Chamber and community members with relevant business information and techniques. The Chamber co-partners with other community organizations to host Leadership Boonslick—a hands-on learning adventure for future community leaders.

The Chamber encourages Chamber members and residents to shop locally, and to entice visitors to stay and shop in the Boonslick Region. Economic development is important to the stability and vitality of our region. The Chamber is committed to fostering local support for area businesses and organizations. Boonville Bucks is an on-going service that we offer to encourage community members to keep money local. These special bucks can be purchased by any one and used in many local businesses.

For many, the Chamber is an ideal place to receive information. The Chamber responds to inquiries from residents and visitors by referring them to Chamber member businesses and services. We represent 300 members. Our members are retail, commercial, professional, health care providers, educational institutions, organizations, individuals and other.

All Chamber members receive a window decal signifying your business as a current Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce member. We encourage you to place the decal on your front door or window. Your customers will recognize it and your involvement and commitment to our community. Current studies show that Chamber involvement can enhance a company’s reputation. Seven out of ten consumers believe that being actively involved in the Chamber is an effective strategy for enhancing a business’ reputation and for demonstrating that it uses good business practices. Consumers need to be aware that the small business is involved with its local chamber in order for the benefits to emerge.

Participate and socialize regularly at the Chamber’s networking events can lead to improving your business profile by getting your face and your business known. Being active in networking opportunities gets you connected to many other people where you can develop long-term relationships and build lasting impressions. Through these relationships and connections, you will gain support. People will help spread positive information about who you are and what your business does.

Value of Membership
A national research study was conducted to determine if consumers really support businesses because they are a chamber member. This study was designed to determine the real value to companies in terms of consumer outcomes of joining and being active in their local chamber of commerce.

  • Being active in the local chamber of commerce is believed to be an effective business strategy overall by 59% of consumers.
  • Chamber membership demonstrates to 63% of consumers that the business is involved in the community. (Being active in a local chamber of commerce is 12% more effective for communicating community involvement.)
  • With a chamber membership, a company indicates that it cares about its customers to 64% of consumers.(Being active in a local chamber of commerce is 13% more effective for communicating the business cares about customers.)
  • Chamber membership establishes and enhances a favorable reputation of the business to 69% of consumers. (Being active in a local chamber of commerce is 26% more effective for communicating that a business is reputable compared to other business strategies.)
  • Active membership in the local chamber of commerce exhibits that the business uses good business practices to 70% of consumers. (Being active in a local chamber of commerce is 29% more effective for communicating that a company uses good business practices than it is for making a general statement about the company.)

Positive impacts of a chamber membership
When a consumer thinks that a company’s products stack up better against the competition because the company is highly involved in its local chamber of commerce, it is because he or she infers that the company is trustworthy, involved in the community, and is an industry leader.

When a consumer thinks more favorably of a company because the company is a member of its local chamber of commerce, it is because he or she infers that the company is trustworthy, is involved in the community, cares about its customers, is successful, and is a leader in the business community.

Impact on large businesses
When consumers know that a large business is a member of the chamber, they are likely to patronize the company more often, to express favorable opinions about the company, to know more about the company, and to buy the company’s products.

Impact on small businesses
If consumers know that a small business is a member of its local chamber, the business enjoys a 44% increase in its consumer favorability rating, a 51% increase in consumer awareness, a 57% increase in its local reputation, and a 63% increase in the likelihood that consumers will patronize the business in the future.

Consumers need to be aware that the small business is involved with its local chamber in order for the benefits to emerge.

Seven out of ten consumers believe that being actively involved in the chamber is an effective strategy for enhancing a business’ reputation and for demonstrating that it uses good business practices.

Chamber involvement can enhance a company’s reputation

If a company shows that it is highly involved in its local chamber (e.g., sits on the chamber board), consumers are 12% more likely to think that its products stack up better against its competition.

When consumers find out that a company is involved with its local chamber, they are 19% more likely to think favorably of that company. This effect is not dependent on the degree of chamber involvement; it holds true regardless of whether or not the company is highly involved in the chamber.

Adapted from “The Real Value of Joining a Local Chamber of Commerce A Research Study” commissioned by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives with support from Small Business Network, Inc. The study was conducted by The Schapiro Group and coordinated by Market Street Services.

Value of Networking
For businesses, of all sizes, networking gets you and your business known. You will meet new people and build mutually beneficial business relationships. Through these relationships, you can compare and discuss issues of common interest and develop and share ideas. Networking gives you the chance to create a positive impression so people think of you when an opportunity comes up. The extent to which you benefit depends on how actively you become involved in networking.

  • Networking provides a link to outside support and can generate business.
  • Networking helps you develop knowledge and skills.
  • Networking can boost your reputation and gain new leads.
  • Networking is a key source to gaining and sharing information.
  • Networking allows you to actively improve yourself and your business.
  • Networking leads you to new ideas and new approaches.
  • Networking advances business contacts and connections.
  • Networking builds confidence in yourself and your business.
  • Networking puts you in a position to help others.

The Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce has a staffed office located in the historic MKT Railroad Depot—now referred to as the Katy Depot. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Hundreds of people contact the Chamber office each year. We receive walk-in visitors, emails, phone calls, faxes and mail all with requests, questions and comments concerning our area. We are a clearinghouse of information and we refer Chamber members to newcomers, visitors and area residents. Without a Chamber office, these correspondences would go unanswered. We serve as a hub, or central point, to the community where visitors gain their first impression of our hospitality, the diversity of our region, and the uniqueness of our community.

Retaining an active Board of Directors is significant to the success of the Chamber, its involvement, and its activities. The Board is a group of sixteen people, of all professions, working together voluntarily to build a consensus. Working in the interest of the Chamber, the Board determines goals, oversees organizational planning and sets policies. Directors serve as liaisons to one of the Chamber’s standing committees or task forces. Together they share a responsibility to make decisions in the best interest of the Chamber and our community.

The Chamber Board of Directors is chosen by the membership through an election each November. Elected directors may serve up to three consecutive two-year terms. Fellow Board members select four officers to serve as the Executive Committee. The Executive Officers coordinate the Board agenda and the work of the committees and establish interim policy for the Chamber between meetings of the Board.

The Board of Directors meets the first Tuesday of each month. (There is no meeting in July.) The meetings are held at 5:30 p.m. at the Katy Depot.

The Executive Board meets the fourth Thursday of the month. The meetings are held at noon at the Chamber Office.

The annual Board Retreat is held in February. This retreat allows Board members to plan a program of work for the coming year. The Board outlines goals and examines opportunities for the new year.

Our Chamber Board of Directors deserves credit for their commitment in moving the Chamber Full Steam Ahead.

View the Contact Page for the Board Member Directory.

The Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce works behind the scenes to make many positive things happen for the Boonslick Region. The Chamber is fortunate to have Chamber and community members who partner, volunteer, donate, sponsor and participate in our numerous events and projects. Collaborating with others can help the Chamber continue supporting social and business causes that we cannot take on alone. We believe that there is strength in unity and much can be gained in the exchange of information and ideas.

If you have the time and the willingness to be active, the Chamber’s task forces and committees are an excellent way to be involved. We hope there is a committee or task force that matches your interests and expertise. Volunteer at a Chamber event and help the community while promoting your business or organization. We thank all of you who give, in one way or another, to the Chamber.

Committees & Task Forces

To ensure a strong and viable membership network of the broadest representation of commerce, industry, agriculture, and interested persons of the Boonville area.

To ensure the long-term effectiveness of the Chamber in promoting and supporting members by developing and monitoring implementation of the long-term Strategic Plan and the annual Program of Work.

To promote the growth and profitability of new and existing members through regular networking opportunities and special events focusing on the needs of the businesses in the Boonville area.

Agriculture Appreciation Banquet
The Chamber and the Cooper Soil and Water District celebrate farmers and agriculture at this annual awards banquet.

Meet the Candidates
The Chamber organizes these question–and-answer forums prior to all contested elections races.

Monthly Socials
The Chamber’s main networking events. Different businesses host the happy hour festivities and get a chance to promote their businesses.

Progressive Dinner
Held twice per year, the Progressive Dinners are major fundraisers for the Chamber’s general fund.

Annual Banquet
Held in January, the Annual Banquet is the installation ceremony for new Board members and the presentation of awards.

Festival of Lights
Held on Thursday nights in September, the Festival of Lights is “a business expo in a festival setting.”

Heritage Days
Held the 4th weekend in June, this is Boonville’s multi-day birthday celebration and a quintessential small-town festival.

Christmas in Historic Boonville
Held on the first weekend in December, this festival kicks off the Boonslick holiday season.

Membership Drive
Major campaign to develop new membership growth and member retention in order to maintain a solid financial base for the Chamber and its activities.

Volunteering can be good for you. It can also benefit the Chamber and our community. Throughout the year, we have numerous opportunities for individuals or groups to volunteer—from office assistance to event help—from one-time work session to on-going project support. Remember, no experience necessary! Please contact us and let us know what you are willing to do.

The Value of Volunteering

Volunteering is about helping and connecting with your community. Through volunteering, you meet a diverse range of people and create on-going networks of civic and business relationships. Important benefits you gain from volunteering are satisfaction, achievement, motivation and making a difference in your community. Volunteers have a positive impact on their community.

Volunteers also benefit from the activities of volunteering. According to a national survey of giving, volunteering, and participating:

  • More than three quarters (78%) of volunteers declared that volunteering helped them with interpersonal skills, such as understanding people better, motivating others, and dealing with difficult situations
  • Sixty eight percent of volunteers state that volunteering helped them to develop better communication skills
  • Sixty three percent said they gained increased knowledge about issues related to volunteer work.

Volunteering is an opportunity to acquire job-related skills and improve job opportunities. As indicated by a business survey, employers respond positively to volunteering.

  • Seventy three percent of employers would recruit a candidate with volunteering experience over one without
  • Ninety four percent of employers believe that volunteering can add to skills.

Volunteering can boost your career options.

  • Ninety four percent of employees who volunteered to learn new skills had benefited either by getting their first job, improving their salary, or being promoted.

If you are thinking of a career change, volunteering is a perfect way to explore new fields and gain new experiences.

The Chamber benefits from the actions of volunteers. If you have the time and willingness to be active, the Chamber’s committees are an excellent way to be involved. Chamber goals are accomplished by committee or task force efforts. We have several committees available for your specific interest. Join a committee or task force, get involved, gain access to a network of Chamber member businesses, and use your voice to have an impact on change. Volunteer at a Chamber event and help the community while promoting your business.

When we share time and abilities, we solve problems, strengthen communities, improve lives, connect to others and change our own lives. Help us move Full Steam Ahead.

The Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce can help you make new business and social contacts. Our strength is our networking. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through our social events where you will meet other members and make new connections. Members meet in an informal atmosphere to mix and exchange leads and ideas. We create many opportunities for members to network with other local business and community leaders.

Value of Word of Mouth Marketing
Word of mouth marketing is still one of the most influential factors motivating purchase
decisions. Even with advancements in technology, conversations (and interactions)
continue to be significant in persuading customers and clients.

  • 59% of Americans believe offline (face-to-face or voice-voice) word of mouth to be highly credible.
  • 49% of Americans believe online word of mouth is highly credible.

Compared to other informational resources word of mouth ranks highest among other sources used when deciding to purchase.

  • 54% word of mouth
  • 47% information from a website
  • 42% email sent by a friend
  • 31% online review

Customers or clients are always interested in hearing about new and interesting products, services and companies. Customers pay attention to what people are saying. They will consider these comments before making a purchase or acquiring services.

  • When asked what sources “influence your decision to use or not use a particular company, brand, or product,” 72% claim reviews from family members or friends exert a “great deal” or “fair amount” of influence.
  • 92% of consumers worldwide trust recommendations from friends and family more than any form of advertising, up from 74% in 2007.

The Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce is considered the primary source for providing referrals and information about our members and our region. Remember, 70% of new business that your organization gets is through word of mouth. The Chamber of Commerce is another resource for your business.

Research provided by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA).

Once a month a Chamber member, or a couple of members, hosts a social. Check out our calendar of events or Facebook page for the next scheduled social, listen to KWRT, or watch for announcements in the Boonville Daily News and the Cooper County Voice. Call the Chamber office if you want to host a social at your business or at an alternate meeting place.

Social Work Sheet
We bring the big scissors, the ribbon, and the camera!
Ribbon Cutting & Work Sheet

Retail and Service




10 plus ………….$300.00





100 plus………..$750.00


Per Doctor or Lawyer

In office………..$150.00


All Banks, Mortgage Brokers,

Small Loan Companies, Casino and

Insurance Co./non-agency….$750.00



Non-Business Farms




Home Business

1 Person………..$100.00

You can fill out and submit an on-line form or you can print and email, mail or fax a form to the Chamber office. Your payment can be made through a call to the Chamber office, faxed, emailed, or mailed. The Chamber will accept cash, checks and money orders. We can also process credit and debit cards. Please contact us for further assistance. Apply via Chamber Master.