Boonville Bucks were created by the Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber’s Boonville Bucks program helps keep money local to encourage shopping right here in Boonville which strengthens our economy and supports business growth.

Boonville Bucks are easy to purchase, easy to redeem and can be used at a wide variety of businesses.

Boonville Bucks can be purchased by anyone.  Stop by the office at 320 First Street, Boonville MO 65233 and pay with a check or cash.

Boonville Bucks are redeemable for merchandise or services only and are not redeemable for cash. Please remember, these Bucks are checks to be used at Boonville businesses – they cannot be redeemed for cash or “cashed in”.

Purchasers have sole responsibility for loss, theft or destruction. The Chamber cannot replace certificates that have been lost, destroyed or stolen. The Chamber will not replace Bucks that have been filled out with a personal name. It is the responsibility of the purchaser/user to make sure Bucks are accepted and completed properly.

Holder of the Boonville Bucks certificates are responsible for paying cash differences. No cash refunds. Bucks expire six months from date of purchase.

The merchant has the right to deny the use of Boonville Bucks if a purchase is less than 75% of the face value of the Chamber Bucks being presented.

Look for a merchant who displays the “Boonville Bucks Accepted Here” placard.  A list of all Chamber members is available in the website.

Local businesses are vital to our economy and to our community’s attractiveness. There is value to spending money in your hometown.

Buying local re-circulates money in our community. Shopping local supports our tax base. Taxes are used for community improvements. Shopping local helps our businesses grow. Local businesses purchase products and services from other local businesses. Community-based businesses are our area’s largest supporters of local events, activities and non-profits.

The many businesses that our community has are unique and give our community distinctive character. This encourages other entrepreneurs to come to our area. Our tourism interests increase because our community is not like any other place.

Most new jobs are provided by local businesses. (Nationally, small businesses are the largest employers.) Better customer service is provided by people you know.

Local businesses invest in our community and are proactive in our community’s future. Local business owners, presidents, or managers live in our community and are less likely to leave. They are active in our service organizations and serve as board members and other community leadership roles.

One-of-a-kind businesses offer diversity and competition for more customer choices. Local businesses find products and services that appeal to customers. Long term, competition helps keep low prices.

Spending local has a positive impact on our environment. Less transportation saves our resources and prevents pollution. Shopping local saves you time and money.